What are some good ideas for baby shower gifts or for babies 0-1 year?

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Most of the people these days use gift registry to list all the items they need. This makes the gifting task much easy for people, as they can just look the registry and pick items wanted by the expecting parents.

If you are the one who was late in selecting the items or the items that have been listed are not in your budget, not to worry, you can still go with items that will be useful and in your budget.

Here I list some clothing items that always work well on all occasions.

 You can easily combine many smaller items and make a nice gift bag.

1)  Onesie / Romper

                If you live in a cooler climate, you can choose one of the full romper or a knitted romper.


                For warmer days, you can always pick more open half romper or a cotton rich set.



2) A pair of special booties or socks

These Adorable booties and socks are forgotten by parents and always a welcome gift.



3) Beanies and Blankets to keep the baby warm

You can go with the swaddling blankets or choose to give a nicer blanket that will be useful for many years.

Beanie hats are good addition too.



4) Designer knitwear sets

If you are meeting the baby after few months, you have a nicer selection in the knitwear section.


5) Baby Hair accessories

At younger age, with less hair, these beautiful hair accessories make the girls adorable



 You can also be more creative and build or buy a gift basket with fruits, dry fruits, nice tea or coffee, crackers and cheese etc.

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  • Great post on why cotton is better. We only wear cotton at our house. ??

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